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Sober Living

We have found that the camaraderie of people living together increases their success. "The Compound" consists of 4 residential homes that house a total of 32 men living a sober lifestyle in both single and double rooms. We offer morning meditation, weekly house meetings and recreation room, and random urinalysis testing in an environment supportive of recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. We are located close to the light rail, major shopping centers are within walking distance, and we offer daily transportation to Mather Veteran's Resource Center for Veterans.

Sober Living in Sacramento County
Our sober living or "transitional" homes are designed to be affordable and comfortable. We believe that a sober living environment is a great stepping stone to reintegrate yourself back into society safely. All of your needs are met in one low month to month rental.

Each house is self contained and independent. Our small community of recovering addicts and alcoholics receive the best that our center can provide. Most houses collectively prepare their meals. As a sober living resident you will participate in choosing groceries from what we have in stock in our food storage areas. This is included in the rent. By far, it is the best deal in Sacramento County.

FREE on-site laundry, a/c, weights, parking, kitchens, furnished living rooms and more.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Our Sober Living
There are many reasons as to why you should choose our sober living transitional houses.
• Low Monthly Rent
• Some food Included
• Utilities Included
• Approved by the Courts
• No other transitional living offers these services at this price.


Treatment Consists of:
• Detox when needed
• Inpatient Care and Detox
• Intervention Guidance
• Group and Individual Counseling
• Exercise, Vitamins, Nutrition and Education

• Job trades
• Job skills
• Entrepreneurial training
• College prep
• Relapse prevention

• Victim Awareness
• Anger Management
• Addiction & Substance Abuse
• Domestic Violence & Crimes Against Women
• Gang Diversion
• Conflict Resolution
• Parenting and Co-parenting
• Non-violent Communication
• Community Re-entry