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Residential Treatment Options

General Recovery Process

Remember, treatment and recovery is a process! Once detoxification is complete, the participant may continue treatment at our residential recovery home in Rancho Cordova. Our residential recovery home is located in a traditional style home is conveniently located, near the freeway and public transportation.

Recovery brings a deep emotional change, a solution grounded in the acceptance of the disease of addiction, its impact on daily life, behaviors and emotions. During this stage the addict/alcoholic will go through tremendous changes and will require support groups as well as support from family and friends. Our staff is here for the addict and to assist involved family members. If you have questions about the recovery process you are highly encouraged to speak with our program director personally.

Family Group

Individual recovery is dependent upon unity. We believe that the family presents an immediate source of comfort for the addict/alcoholic. It is extremely important that the both the recovering addict/alcoholic and the family see that there is hope left in re-establishing relationships in an otherwise seemingly desperate and futile environment. Though all stories are different they do share commonalities such as "burning family bridges" or flat out hiding from family members in shame. Family members share, "I just want my mother/father/son/daughter/spouse back." Often the recovering person and the family express frustration and hopelessness. It is up to the individual and their family and friends to come together to start the rebuilding process.

Education Groups

During these groups the participants will learn about the psychological and physical effects of their disease. The psychological effects of addiction are great and take a considerable amount of time to overcome. Most addicts and alcoholics do suffer a degree of physical calamities as a result of drugs and alcohol. During group they are introduced to the concepts of physical addiction and the effect substance abuse has on internal organs and the brain. This is a progressive illness that gets worse when left untreated.


Treatment Consists of:
• Detox when needed
• Inpatient Care and Detox
• Intervention Guidance
• Group and Individual Counseling
• Exercise, Vitamins, Nutrition and Education

• Job trades
• Job skills
• Entrepreneurial training
• College prep
• Relapse prevention

• Victim Awareness
• Anger Management
• Addiction & Substance Abuse
• Domestic Violence & Crimes Against Women
• Gang Diversion
• Conflict Resolution
• Parenting and Co-parenting
• Non-violent Communication
• Community Re-entry