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Client Comments


• I am really glad that I was able to detox here. The staff here were stellar and I really appreciate all the help they gave me. I can’t thank them enough. - A.B.


• Very happy with whole experience. My needs were all met. I was allowed to wash clothes. My meds were distributed in a timely fashion. Special thanks to the staff. No problem getting my cigs. More than adequate food. VERY HAPPY. – K.R.


• From the time I arrived at the facility I was treated great and was given meds on time and everyone made me feel great. Thank you for everything. – M.B.


• A good place to settle down & get yourself together. The staff is great. – D.C.


• I’d like to thank the staff for all the support and time spent with me during my time at detox. I didn’t know what to expect coming here, but it was much more than I could have asked for. Thanks again for being a vital part of my way forward and future success. – C.P.


• Clean facility, nice staff and amazing place to refocus. – S.S.


• Thanks for helping me keep hope alive. Recovery is a way of life. Never give up hope. Thank to D&A Detox Center. – R.S.


• Very good staff and household very good help and a safe place to restart myself. Thank you everyone. – M.T.


• Great staff and detox experience, easy to make bonds with other clients. – J.D.


• Given plenty of time to reflect and needs were met by the staff. – E.C.


• The staff are fantastic, helpful and caring and have made my stay here comfortable. – R.R.


• Great service, well educated caseworkers. Considerate and caring. – S.T.


• Staff was wonderful. I had a really good stay. Everyone worked together to make it a smooth and easy stay. – C.B.


• This facility was very generous & kind to me again. The staff was courteous and respectful to me at all times. I would recommend this company & detox facility to anyone who truly needs a safe place to be. Thank you. – K.B.


• Thank you for everything. Everyone is great here. – S.B.


• Saved my life!! Never will forget D&A Detox. – M.H.


• D&A saved my life. I couldn’t do it alone. Thank you to the staff. – S.B.


• Staff was always wonderful. More vegetables. – V.M.


• Staff was very caring and helpful. – A.M.


• The best place I could have ended up at. – R.W.