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About Us

AHVets Addiction Treatment Center

America's Homeless Veterans  provides drug and alcohol treatment to the community.  We believe there is no cookie cutter approach to recovery. 

Individual comprehensive packages of intervention, prevention, inpatient with outpatient support services, residential and transitional living, life skills, job training, and experienced case management are the foundation to recovery.

The program currently serves men and women in the detoxification center also offering men and women's residential drug treatment programs. 

Inpatient treatment is provided, staffed with counselors who are licensed, certified or registered in the field of substance abuse. 

We provide detoxification services, and 30-60-90 residential drug and alcohol treatment and a supportive housing program providing help meet three overall goals:

1.   Achieve stability.

2.   Increase skill levels and/or incomes, and

3.   Obtain more influence over decisions that affect their lives.


We provide 24-hour drug and alcohol mental health treatment with;

  • Semi and Private Rooms 
  • On-site mental health care 
  • On-site laundry rooms 
  • Flat Screen Televisions 
  • Housekeeping, Maintenance, Dietary Staff and Security


AHVets is open to everyone

America's Homeless Veterans provides a supportive environment, it places no religious requirement on any resident, and no volunteer, resident, or donor is discriminated against because of race, religion, lack of religion, or orientation.



Treatment Consists of:
• Detox when needed
• Inpatient Care and Detox
• Intervention Guidance
• Group and Individual Counseling
• Exercise, Vitamins, Nutrition and Education

• Job trades
• Job skills
• Entrepreneurial training
• College prep
• Relapse prevention

• Victim Awareness
• Anger Management
• Addiction & Substance Abuse
• Domestic Violence & Crimes Against Women
• Gang Diversion
• Conflict Resolution
• Parenting and Co-parenting
• Non-violent Communication
• Community Re-entry